Wednesday, February 18, 2015

June 10th, 2012

Today my Grandpa's coming over. It won't be that fun cuz like all he does is eat, poop, sleep, smoke, and watch TV. I know you would probably say oh Hope have fun with your Grandpa I know you will! But no I won't! And guess what?! We call him Grumpa cuz he's always so grumpy! So let's change the subject plz! TY! Valentina pushed me in the morning on Friday and I fell straight on my butt and back! Ariana, although, she acted like she meant she was sorry. She was the one that mostly pushed me.
But it looked like Valentina was the one who kinda slammed me to the ground...SECRET MID. FINGER to her! (forefinger) Grr...

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

June 5th, 2012

OMG! Today has been the most blushiest day in this journal! I'll tell you all about it. So, Sebastian and me were walking through the cafeteria for a secret shortcut that we have, and we both started laughing because a worker was in there and we weren't allowed in there. So when we got to the place where we wait for the bus, me and him were prank calling. So then he texted Hailey (my BFF) that she's a smelly woman. I was like man that's funny! So anyways when we got on the bus Hailey kept texting Sebastian to give the phone back to me. So every time he didn't listen she would snatch the phone from him. Then I would just give it back. Me and Hailey have secret names and she didn't want Sebastian to know. Sebastian read it out loud on my phone and I was like oh man Hailey's gonna kill me! But I really didn't care. So then I gave him the phone, and Hailey kept grabbing it form him. I was like no Hailey don't! She gave the phone back to me. I gave the phone back to Sebastian. Then, when I got home, I told Hailey this: I like Sebastian! Plz don't kill me! Then she was like: Relax calm down it's OK. I was like omg! She's the BFE! Btw, that stands for Best Friend Ever. So today is now June 9th, 2012, and yesterday was really fun because we had the Barnes and Nobles thing where  all people from my school go and listen to corny songs and corny stories with corny reactions and corny little kids. My fave part though is buying a book. That's the reason why I go. The book I bought is called Luv Ya Bunches. It's about four girls, Mila, Katie-Rose, Violet, and Yasaman who all become friends and make a website. (It's a website where you can chat.) But mean girls Quinn and Medusa, err, that's what Katie-Rose calls her, Medessa, tries to ruin their friendship!

June 3rd, 2012

Hey so right now my bro locked me in his closet. It is so hot in here! The AC and fan are outside of his closet! My hand is all sweaty! My butt hurts! Oh I wish I brought a good book that I'm reading in here! It's called:
It's seriously fantastic!

June 2nd, 2012

Yeah, well last night I totally had a dream about Sebastian, and now I'm totally in love with him again! when is this
Ever going to end?!
Sebastian or Anthony?
All I know is that Sebastian turns into annoying, funny, nice, then my BF everyday!
He's annoying when he makes fun of my ringtone.
He's funny when he pranks Hailey.
He's nice when he asks me how my day is.
He's my boyfriend when he said that he'll keep me safe.
Yeah, so, I mean, he actually said, "Hope, I'll keep you safe!"
I'm like
You would really do that?! I'm dead!

May 26th, 2012

Hey my birthday party is today. I already had my real birthday. I'll tell you all about it. So yeah, it was a school day but who cares! When I handed out the Twizlers the boys started swinging them around, like Sebastian.
I'm totally in love with a different person! Anthony. He's from my actin'! He's so funny and he can sing! So that's the dude I really want to be with when I grow up!

May 19th, 2012

Hey so I just want to decorate a 1D (One Direction) Thing on the other page, K?
Five days until my birthday!

May 18th, 2012

Hey so today my bro's going to his friend, Kevin's house. So lucky! I swear though, I have a whole bunch of contacts on my phone so now I can chat w/ my friends whenever! I'm like nice!
So yeah me and Hailey ALWAYS text each other! Oh and we also call each other. My mom just got out of the hospital because she was having a hard time breathing. We were in school when she went, but after school we went to the hospital to meet her. It was real sad :(.

Actually, I change my mind. I wish my mom stayed in the hospital! She...She wanted to ruin my dream! Basketball!
She said give me a knife and the basketball and the balls done. This is the most maddest I've been in a lifetime! I just was to be like Sheldon on Big Bang and only come out of the room for food like a baby deer. And if you scare me-oh well I'll run away like one 2! So my secret middle finger is my forefinger. That's for mommy!
Since my room doesn't have a lock, I'll use the kids bathroom instead.